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Africa leads on lay apostolate

The “Listens and Speaks” program of the Uganda National Catholic Council of Lay Apostolate (UNCCLA) has distinguished itself in formation of the laity, as well as the strengthening of Catholic families in the East African country, ACI Africa reports.

In  an interview with ACI Africa on Wednesday 6 March, an official of UNCCLA said that the program, which was launched in January 2022, and has recorded over 50 episodes so far, is “way ahead of time” as it has equipped the laity with information on various topics including the synod and family life.

“Ongoing formation is something we must not underestimate. The working document from the first phase of the Synod on Synodality encourages different leaders to organize formation for the Christians,” Victor Nashaba said.

Mr. Nashaba said that the ongoing formation seeks to provide a platform for the UNCCLA leadership to hear from the laity and also speak to them. 

He said that at inception, the program utilized Zoom, YouTube, and other UNCCLA social media platforms until 20 July 2023 when the program was added to the program lineup of Uganda Catholic Television (UCTV).

“The program seeks to strengthen the Catholic faith by creating a platform for open and constructive dialogue on various topics while upholding the values and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church,” he said.

He said the program also seeks to promote the holistic development of the Catholic community, fostering spiritual growth, ethical living, and active engagement on contemporary social issues.

Mr. Nashaba said that the program aims at supporting individuals and families and contributing positively to the well-being of the community and society as a whole.

Nashaba told ACI Africa that since the program’s inception, several topics including the role of the laity in Church development, rights and obligations of the laity, family life, and the care for the elderly have been explored.

Other topics covered touch on professionalism in the management of parishes, marriage, as well as work-life balance especially for those who serve in the Church.

 “The topics are centered around empowering and supporting the laity in their faith journey and their role within the Church through catering for an integral development of everyone both spiritually, physically, and economically,” Mr. Nashaba said.

The membership of the National Council of UNCCLA is composed of delegates of all Diocesan councils of the laity, Lay Apostolate Movements and associations with national recognition, according to the UNCCLA website.